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      Peter Cappelli

      Professor of Management, Wharton School
      • Lessons from the Epidemic: What the Coronavirus is Teaching Us About Management and Leadership
      • The Truth About Jobs, Employment and Generations at Work
      • The Future of the Office: Work from Home, Remote Work, and the Hard Choices We All Face
      • The Real Generational Dilemma: Recruiting and Retaining Older Workers

      Recently named by HR Magazine as one of the top 20 international thinkers, Peter’s expertise is in industrial relations and labor economics. Previously, he was a faculty member at MIT, the University of Illinois, and the University of California at Berkeley. 

      An international speaker and advisor, Peter recently led discussions on unemployment and workforce skills at the Davos Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum.

      Research Interests: Human resource practices, public policy related to employment, talent and performance management. 

      Author of “The Future of the Office: Work From Home, Remote Work, and the Hard Choices We All Face” (Wharton School Press, September 2021), and named by HR Magazine as one of the top five most influential thinkers in management, Cappelli says much of what we think we know about the future of work is a myth. Most of the assumptions of recent years in human resources (HR) – AI replacing workers, the dominance of the “gig” economy, millennials being difficult to retain compared with previous generations – are not supported by evidence. 

      Our biggest challenges come from within our companies and organizations and the choices we make about management. In his compelling presentations and interactive workshops, Cappelli helps managers better understand the fundamental choices we face in the workplace – from “making” versus “buying” talent to the hard choices required to make agile systems work to the delicate balances needed in implementing AI – and offers practical guidance on how to make them.

      Named one of the 50 influencers in the field of aging, Cappelli has also studied and written extensively on managing a multigenerational workforce with differing values. 

      He co-authored the book “Managing the Older Worker: How to Prepare for the New Organizational Order” (HBR Press, 2010), which provides key steps to recruiting and retaining workers who are older by becoming more purpose-driven, emphasizing social connections and tailoring benefits to elderly people’s needs. As the population becomes progressively “greyer,” devising a strategy for the older worker now will give you a competitive advantage.


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