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      Brian McBride

      Former CEO of Amazon UK, Former Chairman of ASOS and Non-Executive Chair at Trainline
      • Online Retail 
      • AI- Emerging Technology 
      • Marketing and Branding 
      • Entrepreneurs- Change Digital Transformation 

      Brian was the CEO of Amazon UK from 2006-11 and then Chairman of ASOS PLC from 2012-18. Brian has been one of Europe’s foremost digital disruptors over the past 12 years. He has just been appointed Chair Designate of Trainline PLC after its recent £1.6bn IPO. He has also served on the Boards of AO PLC, The BBC, Celtic FC PLC, Huawei’s Advisory Board, the UK Government’s digital Advisory Board, Kinnevik AB. He is a Senior Adviser at Lazard, and also Scottish Equity Partners.

      When McBride was named CEO of Amazon.co.uk, the company had recently established itself as an online retailer of consumer goods. McBride helped close Amazon’s origins as a seller of books and entertainment and establish it as the world’s largest marketplace. Between 2006 and 2011, he oversaw crucial innovations to Amazon’s business, including Amazon Marketplace and Amazon Prime.

      He then served as chairman of leading online fashion retailer ASOS. His tenure there saw ASOS grow from a promising startup to become the dominant company in its sector. McBride joined Trainline, the digital rail-technology platform, as deputy chair in 2019. Following its successful debut on the London Stock Exchange, McBride became Trainline’s chairman. With Standard Life Aberdeen and Kinnevik, he helps guide two of the world’s most influential investment firms.

      Brian talks about the forces that brought this disruptive era about, from the Internet and PCs, to the mobile era and social media. He talks about the big giants who didn’t read Darwins Theory of Evoltuion, who couldn’t change sat enough and who died along the way, DEC, Compaq, Kodak, Nokia, Blackberry. 

      He talks about the importance of leveraging AI and machine learning in you to anticipate and deliver what customers want today and tomorrow. And he’ll forecast what industries and companies are under threat. The retail industry , and media, entertainment, travel and banking to mention a few will need to transform or they will die, and quickly. Standing still is not an option. You have to evolve – or die.



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