Manuel Pinho

Portuguese Economist and Former Minister of Economy and Innovation

Manuel Pinho is affiliated to Columbia University where he teaches energy policy since 2010 at SIPA. He is s former Minister of Economy and Innovation, Portugal (2005- 09) and was the acting President of the EU Council of Energy Ministers (2007).

Manuel Pinho is credited for the energy reform that transformed Portugal in a world leader in clean energies and is the author of Europe´s New Energy Era, the background paper of the EU Strategic Energy Technological Plan. He speaks on globalization, China, Technology and the Energy Transformation.

In the US, Manuel Pinho was also a senior fellow of the Jackson Institute for International Affairs at Yale University, a lecturer at Yale School of Management and a Visiting Professor at Georgetown University. In Australia he was a Visiting Professor at the School of Economics of University of Queensland. He travels often to China where he is a guest professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University. In his early career, he worked for the IMF and was the Director of the Treasury at the Ministry of Finance. He holds a BA from the Technical University of Lisbon and a doctoral degree from the University of Paris-X.

Manuel Pinho has Honors by the governments of Brazil, France, Germany, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

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Climate Change
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Europe's New Energy Era