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      Alexander Stubb

      Former Prime Minister of Finland, Former Vice President European Investment Bank, Professor & Director at the EUI School of Transnational Governance
      • The Current Geopolitical, Economic and Social Dynamics
      • Brexit and European Union
      • A Sustainable Future and Fairness
      • The Opportunities and Challenges for Mature Economies Worldwide

      Alexander Stubb has served as Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Foreign Minister, Trade and Europe Minister of Finland. He was a Member of the European Parliament from 2004-2008 and in the national government from 2008-16 and was the Chairman of the National Coalition Party from 2014-16.

      Alexander Stubb was a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from 2004-08. He then served as Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade and Minister of Finance. He was the leader of the Finnish National Coalition Party from 2014-16, during which he served as Prime Minister of Finland 2014-15.

      Alexander Stubb has published 11 books on the European Union and is a proponent of deepening European integration and the EU taking a more active role in international politics. 

      Aside from politics, Stubb has a deep interest in Mind and Body. As an avid athlete and Ironman competitor himself, he advocates the view that a healthy body is essential to a healthy mind, with the success of all of our other endeavours stemming from this tie.

      His expertise includes European and International Affairs, Foreign and Security Policy, the Euro and the Global Economy. His current interests are global affairs, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (digitalisation, robotisation and artificial intelligence) and health. He chaired the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development which is responsible for promoting national and international sustainable development goals, and works to encourage society’s commitment to and involvement in sustainable development.


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